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  ADELANTE: Preventive Promotional Strategy to reduce Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Incidence in teenagers, young and adult people.  

ADRA Peru working on the project ADELANTE "promotional preventive strategy to reduce the incidence of Noncommunicable Diseases in adolescents, young adults" in the regions of La Libertad (Trujillo district), Lima (district Chaclacayo), Callao (district Bellavista) and Arequipa (Hunter District).

General Purpose:

Reduce health problems caused by noncommunicable diseases in adolescents and young adults in the regions of La Libertad, Lima, Callao and Arequipa.

Specific objective:

Develop strategies and actions that contribute to the modification of the Behavioral Risk Factors for NCDs, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, physical inactivity and poor diet.

Strategic partners:

ADRA Peru runs the project with the Universidad Peruana Union. This project is funded by the European Union.

Field of intervention:

  • Region of La Libertad
  • Arequipa Region
  • Lima Region
  • Callao Region


The ADELANTE project has been underway since January 2011 and will run for a period of 36 months.

Direct Beneficiaries:

A total of 2640 direct beneficiaries: 160 people from the Regional Health Authorities and 20 Regional Government officials, 60 officials and officials of Provincial and Local Governments. 800 are high school students, 800 undergraduate students and 800 members of grassroots organizations.

Final Beneficiaries:

A total of 9600 final beneficiaries: 3200 families of high school students, 3200 families of college students, and 3200 families of members of grassroots organizations.


RE 1: Regional Health incorporated into the Annual Operating Plan strategies and actions for efficient management in the prevention and promotion of Noncommunicable Diseases.

RE 2: Regional Governments, Provincial and Local sensitive, capable of efficient management of programs to modify risk factors.

RE 3: Educational institutions and grassroots organizations with programs implemented Healthy Lifestyles, aimed at teenagers and adults.

Main activities:

A1.1 Conduct a diagnosis of social reality of NCDs in each region, which allows to implement a program according to local needs.

A1.2 Provide training, technical assistance and capacity building to staff of the Regional Health Bureaus.

Enact A1.3 Public Policy document on health promotion and prevention of NCDs.

A1.4 Develop annual operating plan with preventive health strategies and promotion of NCDs and implement actions at regional levels.

A1.5 Develop guidance document for accreditation as a Healthy University.

A2.1 Adopt ordinance and / or resolution to implement public health policies on NCDs in each regional area.

A2.2 Develop simplified profiles of public investment to be presented to the PB on modifying risk factors for NCDs in each local area.

A2.3 Implement strategies set out in Local Governments to prevent NCDs.

A3.1 Develop Baseline Document and Final Evaluation of NCDs in high school students, academics and members of grassroots organizations.

A3.2 Implement strategies and methodologies of behavioral changes for the adoption of healthy practices in members of high school adolescents.

A3.3 Implement strategies and methodologies of behavioral changes for the adoption of healthy practices in university students.

A3.4 Implement strategies and methodologies of behavioral changes for the adoption of healthy practices in adult members of grassroots organizations.

Institutionalize A3.5 promotional preventive health practices of NCDs in the pilot universities.


Diverso material publicado a traves del proyecto.


Images of the project.


A continuación los resultados obtenidos para este proyecto desde sus inicios.



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